The FLIP (Future Leaders Ignition Programme), The only programme for future and existing Recruitment Billing Managers

Everything you need to be a world class Billing Manager in 1 course.

The FLIP covers everything you need to be ultra effective as a billing manager. Please watch the video to find out more

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What topics does "The FLIP" cover?

In summary "The FLIP" covers all of the every day techniques that the billing manager needs to be able to keep billing whilst building a team. For a breakdown, please see below: 

Time Management

All of the tricks and tips that you need to win back your own  time whilst driving your team to great daily weekly and monthly performance.

Driving Peak Performance

Drive peak performance in your team using simple, effective strategies that guarantee your people will take initiative and be accountable for smashing their personal targets.

Fix Underperformers

Use data to spend trends and then and World Class coaching strategies to take the action needed to fix underperformers.

On/Off Desk Coaching

Understand the difference between training and coaching. Know when and how to coach on and off of the desk.

The Monthly Business Review

Learn how to make the monthly 121 the most effective meeting of the month. 

Handling Difficult Situations

Coping strategies and methodologies to make the the hardest part of the job easy.

What are you waiting for?

If you are a business owner who wants to improve their leadership team, future leader or billing manager then "The FLIP" is the only course for you and your team. 

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At J9 we know just how good "The FLIP" course is. You don't need to take our word for it. Please see below:

Michael Young - CEO - MBN Solutions

“MBN have worked with Trevor over the past couple of years,  he has been instrumental to key areas of growth from helping us develop our trainees to our managers.  Trevor has also supported our directors with projects that have added exceptional value to our business and processes.  We look forward to working with Trevor to help us scale our business and help us make sure our people are equipped with the skills needed in our market.”

Chris Gardner - Senior Team Lead - I Gems

“Coming into the FLip course, I was a little concerned how relevant the training would be to me. I’m pleased to say right from the first minute of the first video, I felt right at home. Trev does a brilliant job of fostering a collaborative learning environment, and it was great working through the course. The training was clear and concise, covering real life working situations, and I came away with digestible and applicable information that I could immediately apply to my day-to-day role.

Phil Ridgewell - CEO - Core Group

“I have been working with Trevor and J9 for the past 2 years and having run businesses in the Rec sector for the past 20 years I have seen my fair share of trainers and platforms. For me J9 and Trevor completely ripped up the script and with their passion and thirst to see trainee progress. Their methodology and standards we have seen our team grow as consultants and reach their potential. J9 and Trevor I by far the best I have seen over 20 years and have really help propel my sales force in gaining market share”

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